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About Us

Fabric and Lace a range of ensembles, which spell out sheer beauty and class. The focus is on the quality of fabric, workmanship and the choice of color - all these aspects are blended to create fascinating styles and unique Elements for Dress and Sarees. Fabric and Lace has a whole new range For Borders, All Over, Blouse and Assessories.

Fabric and Lace have created landmark in its product. We are proud to be a part of emotions making occasions, festivals & events more special & memorable over the past years.

Fabric and Lace have their own manufacture unite to design the new and unique concept. Fabric and Lace team has been working hard to make you look unique whatever theme.

Fabric and Lace has a large number of domestic and international customers. We take a proud to cater customers from different countries such as Uk, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand & Many more.

The Fabric and Lace tradition of delivering only the best continues and will continue for years to come-this is a promise made to you.